Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Simply Neutrals Tuesday

 I am happy to join in
Simply Neutrals Tuesday

 Whether your neutrals
are fancy or simple
 they are my favorite colors
 nothing busy going on here
 in my studio

Thank you Wen
for this wonderful gathering 
of neutrals!

Friday, January 12, 2018

One Thing Always Leads to Another Destash

You know how it goes...
one thing
leads to another 
especially if you create
as I call it...
collect supplies 
I just love supplies and creating supplies 
The other day I pulled out a supply box of fabric
which lead to pulling out more boxes
I began to feel the urge
sort & group
Between my vintage / antique French addiction,
there is always that box that holds
precious (to me) supplies & projects
I am sorting through those boxes
slowly listing items in my shop

all through the weekend
I will be listing away!

I hope you get a chance to browse!

Saturday, December 30, 2017

A Little Bit French Shop is OPEN

 A Little Bit French Shop
open for business

 click here to enter shop
 I've been very busy
since I felt so much better 
these last few days
 I hope you find something
that touches your heart
 It feels so good to be back!
 Some inspiration kits
just in case you get snowed in
 I love to create 
I love to share beautiful images
 New in my shop
using authentic antique French holy card remnants
 Tarnished and Worn

 One of a kind pieces
If you collect (like me)
if you simply find beauty in antique/vintage pieces
then head on over to my online shop!

Thank you for stopping in today!

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Some Pretty and Some Real Life

some pretty
Instagram account
Realizing that I've been missing
in blogland
I decided to share some real life
On September 22nd I was admitted to the emergency room
with severe pain lower right abdomen
I was transferred to another hospital
that specialized in ovarian cancer

After major surgery
a longer hospital stay than I could have ever imagined
I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer

Those words took my breath away

There were weeks that I had no idea
what stage cancer I had
I was sitting in my doctor's office
when she gave us the good news
Stage 1A Ovarian Cancer

Only 3 chemo treatments
then, she said, 
I could get on with my life

We both cried, Doug & I
happy tears of joy

Now, chemo is no party, let me tell you
all in all
tomorrow is my last chemo
I am a happy gal indeed

My online shop will re-open up January 1st
What better way to start the new year
cancer free

Never in a million years
would I ever imagine
I would be battling the C word

Always the healthy one, minor this & that

Faith, family & friends
pulled me through this

To all of you that knew,
thank you for your well wishes
and prayers

Love to all

LET's find a cure, can we?

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Creating Jewelry Pieces

Sooooo.....I pulled out all of my jewelry supplies last week
vintage rhinestone bracelets
oval pendants & antique holy card images
I had not created jewelry in a very long time
it is a very time consuming craft
I find it so hard to photograph glass pieces
I created more through the weekend
I was on a mission
It felt good to use 
supplies that have been stored
 away for years!

If you like bits & bobs
if you create or collect
maybe you will find something
in my shop
that calls your name!

Thanks for stopping by today!